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1993/04      Representatives of China and Japan initiated official cooperation talk at Shangri-La's China World Hotel Beijing;

1994/09      TOYO Stainless Steel (ZhaoQing) Co.,Ltd was found and kicked off groundbreaking  ceremony;

1995/02      Germany Partner joined in and company was renamed as TOYO-NOCADO Stainless Steel (Zhaoqing) Co.,LTD;

1996/06      TNZ went into operation;

2008/01      With changes of company strategy and permission of government office, TOYO-NIJIMA Stainless  Steel (ZhaoQing) Co.,LTD was applied instead of TOYO-NOCADO;

2012/11      Moved to new plant buildings, located in  famous scenic spot of ZhaoQing – Dinghu district.