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Product Content :
◆ This is double seal valve used for tank bottom;
◆ The production is being on in the tank, at the same time with CIP cleaning in the pipeline.
◆ This valve is installed with shaft jiggle cylinder, several mm can be solely increased in the main shaft and assistant shaft, the seal at the valve seat and drainpipe can be CIP cleaned at the same time with CIP in the pipeline.
◆ Designed with two-sections type and three-sections type for option according to the requirement of equipping pipe in the process.
◆ Positioned with metal when closing the valve, accordingly there is no need to worry about leading the mix of liquid when the valve is forced to opened while the water hammer appears.
◆ Standard specification: DN50~DN150, 2”~6”;
◆ Surface finish: internal surface : mirror polishing,    External surface: sand-blasting
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